About Us

Our story

Where everything started…

In 2004, Allan Nascimento and his mother were living in the friendly city of Plano, Texas. In order to solve many busy people’s problems to maintain their houses clean and cozy, he and his mother started passing flyers around the town, door-by-door, in order to serve these families. They have always cherished honesty, integrity and transparency, no matter background, race, ethnicity, throughout all these years, so they started serving many houses in Plano and the cities around.

As a result of an excellent job, in a few years B&B started getting many referrals, the company grew a lot and the vision as well. B&B won 12 consecutive awards from Angie’s List, B&B is on top 10 trusted cleaning companies in North Texas and others awards.

We are proud of the way we serve our customers.
We are proud of our values.
We are proud of our results and of our awards.
We are proud to be a multicultural company.

Be part of our history.
You and your family deserve a B&B care.


Our mission is to provide the finest house cleaning service in part of Dallas Metroplex, through a very skilled crew, with high level of standards, providing well-being and health for our customers.


We want to serve 1,000 homes in the Dallas Metroplex by 2025.


We care about our customers and staff. We care about honesty, integrity and transparency. We care for having a trained and skilled crew. We care for high quality standards. We are against any discrimination. We are proud to be a multicultural company.